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Training Modules

California Health Education Content Standards

  • School-Based Health Education: Standards and Instruction for Real-Life Healthy Behaviors
  • School-Based Health Education Standards: Essential Health Concepts and Analyze Health Influences
  • School-Based Health Education Standards: Accessing Valid Health Information and Interpersonal Communication
  • School-Based Health Education Standards: Decision Making and Goal Setting
  • School-Based Health Education Standards: Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors and Health Promotion

Health and Safety

  • A Positive Approach to Behavior Management
  • Asthma I: The Basics
  • Asthma II: Responding to Asthma Episodes
  • Kids on the Go: Promoting Active Lives Every Day
  • Mental, Emotional, and Social Health (MESH) - It Matters
  • California Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum for Grades 4 and 5
  • See, Think, and Act! Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergies)
  • See, Think, and Act! Diabetes
  • See, Think, and Act! Emotional Crisis
  • See, Think, and Act! Handwashing and First Aid
  • See, Think, and Act! Seizures

Physical Activity

  • Physical Activity: Ability Awareness
  • Physical Activity 1: Up and Running
  • Physical Activity 2: Maximize Potential
  • Physical Activity 3: Going the Distance
  • Fitness, Everyone's Business
  • Learning in Motion


  • A Call to Action-Improving Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Learning
  • Action 4 Nutrition: Assessing Your Snack Program
  • Cook with Kids!
  • Create Healthy After School Environments!
  • Engage Youths to Live Healthy Lives and Build Healthy Communities
  • Foundations of Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010
  • Foundations of Nutrition: Five Things Students Need to Know to Read the Food Label
  • Foundations of Nutrition: MyPlate
  • Hands-On STEM: Garden-Based Education
  • Making Sense of Expanded Learning Meal and Snack Programs and Requirements
  • Recipe for Success: Integrating Academics and Nutrition
  • Snack Time: Providing Healthy Snacks in Your Expanded Learning Program
  • Teaching to Standards in Nutrition

Nutrition Services

  • Calculating Grains for School Meals
  • Calculating Meal Components for a Recipe
  • Color the Tray with Vegetable Subgroups!
  • Culinary Basics
  • Determining Whole Grain-Rich Items in School Meals
  • How to Use the Food Buying Guide
  • Introduction to the School Lunch Meal Pattern
  • School Breakfast, The Most Important Meal of the Day!
  • Standardizing Recipes


  • Making Sense of Common Core Math
  • Special Needs: Inclusion Works!
  • Special Needs: Language and Laws
  • A Friendly Guide to Family Engagement
  • Building 21st Century Skills Through Play and Project-Based Learning
  • Introduction to Common Core Standards: Elementary Literacy
  • Hands-On STEM: Explore It!
  • Hands-On STEM: Dig In!
  • Bridging the Digital Divide, the After School Way
  • Career Education Nuts and Bolts
  • Career Readiness Tools
  • Fun Facts! History in the Making
  • Math All Around
  • Understanding Child and Adolescent Development
  • Connecting with Students Through Read-Alouds
  • English Learning in Action: Introduction
  • English Learning in Action: Beyond the Basics
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