Research-Validated Programs

School districts that implement evidence-based programs are more likely to achieve positive student behavior outcomes. Find evidence-based programs using the tables of identified Research-Validated programs. Learn more about the process for identifying Research-Validated Programs and how to implement them with fidelity.

While all of the programs available from the California Healthy Kids Resource Center are research-based (i.e., they use or support strategies for which research provides evidence of effectiveness), a limited number of programs have demonstrated the level of credible evidence of effectiveness that identifies them as Research-Validated.

research icon Behavioral Outcomes
Research-Validated programs have empirically demonstrated reductions in health-risk behaviors and/or increases in health-promoting behaviors at least six months after the completion of the program.

research icon Published Research
Research that provides evidence of effectiveness for Research-Validated programs is published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

research icon Materials Ready for Implementation
Research-Validated program materials are complete, available, and ready to be implemented at school sites in California.

CHKRC Research-Validated Programs At-A-Glance

This table below displays all programs identified by the Center as Research-Validated. Health curriculum and prevention program administrators are encouraged to become familiar with the program descriptions and research summaries, including target populations, settings, and grade levels prior to selecting programs.

The Program Grades column notes the grade levels addressed by each program.

The Research-Validated (R-V) Grade Ranges column indicates the grade ranges for which published research has demonstrated a positive impact on students’ health-related behaviors. The R-V Grade Ranges provide an additional science-based framework for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to reference when selecting and implementing Research-Validated programs.

  • Research-Validated (R-V) programs are designated as R-V for one or more Grade Ranges. The Grade Ranges include: PreK, K-3, 4–6, 6–8, and/or 9–12.
  • The Grade Range(s) is listed in the R-V Grade Range column as follows:
    • When at least one grade in the Grade Range showed positive behavior outcomes.
    • When R-V program materials are available for all grades within the range.
    • When program materials are not available for all grades in the R-V Grade Range, only the grades with program materials are identified.
    • Grade six may be categorized as Research-Validated for the Grade Ranges 4–6 and/or 6–8, depending on the specifics of the research and program materials.

Subject area columns (Alcohol & Other Drugs, Injury & Safety, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sexual Health, Tobacco, and Violence) include "Yes" when the program shows positive behavioral outcomes in one or more areas. The cell is blank when there is no peer-reviewed evidence of positive behavioral outcomes in that area.

Program Title Program
& Other
Injury &
Nutrition Physical
Tobacco Violence
All Stars 4–8 6–8 Yes
ATLAS 9–12 9–12 Yes
Becoming a Responsible Teen 9–12 9–12 Yes
Botvin’s Life Skills Training 3–9 3–9 Yes Yes
Caring School Community K-6 K-6 Yes Yes
Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) K-8 K-6 Yes Yes
Creating Lasting Family Connections 6–12 6–8 Yes
Focus on Kids 4–10 4–10 Yes
Guiding Good Choices – Families That Care 4–8 4–8 Yes
I Can Problem Solve PreK-6 PreK, K-3 Yes
keepin’ it REAL 6–8 6–8 Yes Yes
Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence 6–8 6–8 Yes
Making a Difference! 6–8 6–8 Yes
Making Proud Choices! 6–8 6–8 Yes
Model Smoking Prevention Program 5–8 6–8 Yes
PeaceBuilders PreK-12 K-5 Yes
Peacemakers 4–8 4–8 Yes
Positive Action K-12 K-6 Yes Yes
Project ALERT 7–8 7–8 Yes Yes
Project Northland 6–8 6–8 Yes Yes
Project Northland – Class Action 11–12 11–12 Yes
Project Toward No Drug Abuse (TND) 9–12 9–12 Yes Yes Yes
Project Toward No Tobacco Use (TNT) 5–8 6–8 Yes
Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) K-5 K-3 Yes
Reconnecting Youth 9–12 9–12 Yes Yes
Reducing the Risk, Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD and HIV 9–12 9–12 Yes
Residential Student Assistance Program 9–12 9–12 Yes Yes
Second Step PreK-8 K-3 Yes
S.S. GRIN – Social Skills Group Intervention 3–5 3–5 Yes
State-Wide Indian Drug Prevention Program 4–6 4–6 Yes Yes
Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10–14 5–8 6–8 Yes Yes
Think First for Kids (Not circulated at this time, contact CHKRC for information.) 1–3 1–3 Yes

Research-Validated Subject-Specific Program Charts

Research-Validated — Alcohol and Other Drugs (detail)

Research-Validated — Sexual Health (detail)

Research-Validated — Tobacco (detail)

Research-Validated — Violence (detail)

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